As IT solutions evolve and the need for enterprise mobility solutions is on the rise, protecting your data is more important than ever. Every business must have a solid technical support and data backup strategy in place. However, many business owners do not realize how crucial it is to have a data recovery plan. Without such a plan, your company could lose information that is vital to its success, and even if you do have backup data businesses must have a plan tested and ready to restore data from backups.

Why Having a Data Recovery Plan is Crucial for a Business

The Worst That Could Happen

Companies face many challenges on a daily basis, but they are not always prepared for disaster. The emergence of recent Wi-Fi encryption vulnerabilities is a reminder of how easily an attacker could hijack a network. Technical support issues related to security are only one type of disaster that could affect a business. A severe storm, earthquake, landslide, flood, or fire could also lead to devastating results for a company. Other potential calamities include major power failures, explosions, hazardous material spills, and even riots.

Is Your Business Prepared for the Worst?

You might think that establishing a viable data backup plan is all your company needs to do. While data recovery might actually include backup strategies, it encompasses more than that. Cloud solutions could decrease the amount of downtime your business may experience after a catastrophic event. Another option is to consider an alternative facility to restore data and run applications as needed.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Just as you would devise a business plan for a start-up company, you must organize a disaster recovery plan for your business. You can begin by taking inventory of all your data, software applications, and hardware. Then, initiate a data backup system which will retain backups of all essential business data. Make sure that a professional will have the necessary information to re-image and replicate your hardware in the event that you must restore your backup data. Copies of your company’s program software should be accessible in case equipment needs to be replaced or reinstalled. Make software and hardware restoration a top priority. Data is worthless if you can’t recover it properly, so be sure to test your recovery plan for effectiveness.

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