Cloud Computing

Benefits of Cloud Computing from San Francisco IT Consulting Firms

Moving to the cloud and working with San Francisco IT consulting firms have helped many startups get off the ground faster than rivals that use traditional business infrastructure. Not only will you save time, money and resources, but you’ll also be in touch with experts who keep up with the latest technology. Here are key reasons why a cloud/consultant strategy can improve your enterprise:

Bay Area Business Survival

Working in the Bay Area can be stressful if you aren’t able to fix technical issues quickly, especially if your company has thousands of customers. In the Bay Area, if your business ever suffers any downtime, multiple alternatives for customers are just clicks away. The best way to avoid downtime is to work with an IT consultant to develop a data backup and disaster recovery plan. This plan needs to spell out how you will quickly switch to a backup server until the main one is restored. Most IT consultants provide a 24-hour help desk as well to address technical issues immediately.

Another major advantage of hiring San Francisco IT consulting firms is that your business can cut costs dramatically on both hardware and software, since your computing will be done on third-party servers in the cloud.

Primary Cloud Advantages

  • Robust multi-layered cybersecurity to block intruders
  • Access to the latest industry software
  • Automated functions for routine tasks
  • Monthly subscription-based model for software
  • Easy scalability: add or subtract services as needed
  • Near zero downtime, reliable business continuity
  • 24/7 remote access to work projects
  • Seamless collaboration for remote teams

With a reputable third-party data center, you will never run out of server space, as many cloud providers use virtualization. Virtual servers allow for multiple operating systems to be stacked on one physical machine, allowing for unlimited data expansion. You will also be contributing to a greener environment by sharing resources.

Planning for a Future in the Cloud

It’s now possible for businesses to operate completely in the cloud with the right expertise, services, and applications. Businesses that hire remote sales agents don’t really need much office space if employees work from home on their own devices. All you mainly need at that point is a physical business address, although you may still want a main office with a printer and space to store hard copy documents. Most of the 20th century’s office machines are now cloud-based.


While there are many San Francisco IT consulting firms to choose from, you need one that’s full of diverse technical talent that can answer questions quickly on technology. Contact Eaton to learn more about improving your San Francisco business technology and processes.

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