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Eaton & Associates partners with businesses across every major industry to provide amazing IT solutions and connect the dots between people, products, and business opportunities.

Our Mission
Partnership is our business model. Aside from our decades of experience and vast portfolio of technical expertise and products, we speak human… Our culture focuses on long term relationships with our clients and our partnerships are forged by collaboration and consultation first
Our Vision
Locally owned and operated in the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly 30 years, we provide IT Services & Products to a wide range of clients including government, education, enterprise, small and medium-sized businesses, and non-profit organizations. We are a single-source for all of your IT needs.
Our Values
We strike a balance between personality, credentials, and the ability to communicate complex tech solutions into business objectives. We combine this core with decades of experience, and focus on your business goals to help you drive your business forward with optimal performance and measurable results.
We are Delivering IT Products for You
Fortune 500 enterprises and established SMBs trust our approach to providing world class IT & SysOps solutions.

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CIO for hire and strategic planning
PMI and ITIL Certified project managers and technical staff for your projects
Mature project management methodology
Network and security expense
Server and desktop virtualization
Wireless assessments and implementation
Data centers and disaster recovery.

Direct placement, contract-to-hire
Technology-focused recruitment
Customized, consultative approach
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Best Practices
from Industry Experts
Eaton & Associates deep industry expertise enables business of all sizes to hit the ground running.


There is an increased need industry-wide for the consultation and expertise that a CIO provides, and it can be a challenge to staff the position for many companies and organizations. Our vCIO services are here to alleviate that, delivering on-demand IT strategy as you need it, performing services such as:

  • Formulating strategic IT goals (e.g., roadmap; business continuity planning)
  • Planning IT budgets
  • Analyzing business processes
  • Facilitating technology changes
  • Maintaining IT infrastructure

Mobility Solutions

The reality of a fully wireless workplace is upon us. There is now an incredible need for robust mobility solutions that enhance productivity, provide work-space flexibility and deliver applications and services securely.

Our vast industry experience with leading enterprise wireless vendors uniquely positions us to deliver mobility solutions that include the following:

  • Wireless infrastructure including access points and controllers
  • Cloud-based Wi-Fi
  • Centralized identity and access policy management
  • Location services including Wi-Fi and BLE
  • Inventory management via RFID and IR
  • Wireless site survey, RF Modeling, and spectrum analysis
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi

Cloud Solutions

IT leaders are under new and increasing pressure to transform their departments from cost centers into strategic service providers — business enablers for their organizations. This transformation is driven by companies’ use of cloud technologies to evolve traditional IT business models into more agile and flexible operations.

One way to do that is with Cloud Infrastructure Management. Extending an office or a data center to a public cloud like Microsoft Azure or AWS is a great way to leverage global distribution for any workload with minimal setup and costs. This, of course, also requires a great deal of planning and due diligence. Our team can help your organization leverage the power of the cloud while managing and minimizing the risks associated with managing complex technologies.


Security Solutions

Protect your organization from threats with a comprehensive approach to security. All organizations are at heightened risk of exposure due to increasing cyber-attacks such as Ransomware, and the adoption of new technologies like IoT, Mobility, and the broad range of Cloud offerings. At the same time, heightened requirements around data security have driven a new wave of regulatory and contractual obligations across nearly all industries.

Developing a comprehensive security approach that provides well-rounded protection is key. Implementing security technology is not enough. Organizations must have risk management processes that connect people, work-flows and technology, to guard against threats at every organizational layer including:

  • Mobile devices
    Datacenter edge
    Internet edge
    Between devices and machines
    Distributed cloud environments


Office moves can potentially be very disruptive to your business operations. Transitioning your IT to the new office space in a timely manner will reduce your business’s downtime during this exciting but often difficult task. Here are a few reasons Eaton & Associates is a great choice for your office move:

  • No cost consultation and no-obligation proposal.
  • Equipment asset tagging and inventory.
  • We have our own wheels and your equipment is safe from door-to-door.
  • Relocation and setup of all IT equipment from workstations to network devices and beyond.

E-Mail Migration

E-mail is crucial for every business, as the most critical digital communications link between you and your customers. Don’t let your team lose valuable time in “email jail”, and don’t put sensitive data at risk with antiquated email management tools or processes. We’ll make sure your data is safe, and your people are working most effectively with the email provider that best fits your organization.

Whether on-premise or hosted in the cloud, Eaton & Associates can provide and manage the perfect email, contact management, and calendaring solution for you. This also includes resource management for conference rooms and shared vehicles and consideration for your organization’s data retention requirements.

As part of your move to a new email provider, we have the tools and expertise to safely and effectively migrate your existing emails and personal folders into your go-forward provider’s solution. We’ll evaluate your existing setup – including business process, challenges, and opportunities – and work with you to craft a migration plan that reflects your business needs.