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Procurement & Logistics

Eaton & associates can be your one-stop-shop for all your logistics needs.  We have a number of different services that we can provide: warehousing and shipping, inventory management, and much more.

With a local warehouse in the heart of the Pennisula, E&A can store all your dropped shipped gear and delivered it when you're ready to receive it. This is ideal if shipping orders are expensive or take up valuable space in your office or datacenter
Inventory Management
Eaton & Associates can track and manage your inventory, deliver accurate reports, and provide you with a secured & encrypted portal to view your inventory in a centralized dashboard view, this includes licenses and service contracts as well
Vendor Agnostic
Simply put, Eaton & Associates is not bound or contractually obligated to a specific manufacturer. While this might seem simple on the surface, working with our team can have some surprisingly powerful benefits for IT managers
Hardware Staging
Our warehouse / lab allows us to test all products and services we offer before deploying them to our customers’ production environments. This will allow us to ensure that our solutions are for prime-time and minimize the risk of downtime.
Custom Deliveries
We deliver your equipment on your schedule. You let us know when you need it, and our team will be there (with “The Van”) to help you deliver, carry, set up, and unload your gear. No more surprise delivery visits, and no more last minute changes
Directly to Endusers
Eaton & Associates can also help with on-boarding and off-boarding processes. We can assist you with your on-boarding by provisioning new machines and delivering it directly to your end users. Or, help with tech collecting efforts during off-boarding
We Provide Flexible Logistics & Procurement Services

Government Agencies & Academic Institutions, as well as Small-Medium-Size Businesses trust our approach to managing their procurement and logistics processes.

Secured Warehousing

Since 1992 we have been a reliable and trusted procurement partner for world-class brands & organizations. We are confidant your equipment will be stored safely and securely.

Best Prices

Eaton & Associates has strong relationships with most technology vendors in the industry. This allows us to negotiate the best prices on your behalf, but we’ll also let you know if there are better options, even if it’s not with us.

Scheduled Deliveries

Working with our procurement team means you’ll have a well-known schedule of when orders will arrive, so no more surprises from the brown trucks.


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