Data Recovery is More Important than the Back Up

Every business must have a solid data backup strategy in place. Many business owners do not realize how crucial a technical support data recovery plan is.

Eaton & Associates Launches Drone Security Solution

Eaton & Associates launches a full-service drone security solution for businesses seeking protection from drone attacks and security breaches.

Why Your IT Consultant Wants to Move Your Applications to the Cloud

If your company has previously abstained from the trend to move to the cloud, you aren’t alone. Not everyone has embraced this transition with open arms. Many businesses have held onto concerns about security, data performance, and up-time. However, advances in cloud technologies have put many of these concerns to rest. The following are some of the top reasons an IT consultant believes that you should move your applications to the cloud. (more…)

SIEM Can Be a Useful IT Support Tool to Enhance Business Security

Learn what Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) can do to enhance your IT support in San Francisco and secure your valuable business data.

San Mateo County and Eaton & Associates IT Company Helping Create Smart Cities

San Francisco Bay Area IT Company Working to Plan for Smarter Infrastructure

Smart Cities are coming to your neighborhood and Eaton & Associates – a leading Enterprise IT Service Provider – is helping local governments move this trend forward in the San Francisco Bay Area. Eaton & Associates IT company in partnership with San Mateo County and cities within are laying the groundwork to connect each municipality with a dedicated Shared Fiber Network (SFN) which will be the driving force facilitating local governments building Smart Cities. In partnership with San Mateo County, Eaton & Associates is playing a pivotal role as an IT consultant planning the technology architecture, design, and implementation.


Office 365 Tips: Built-In IT Solutions You Might Not Have Noticed

While you may already have explored some of the features, the following brief guide should help you get to know the Office 365 IT solutions even better.

Is Mac OS more Secure than Windows? IT Company Weighs Mac Fact vs Fiction

There have been several Mac security myths gaining popularity among computer users, but an IT company knows better than to take them at face value.

Are Your Employees Fed Up with Your “IT Support”?

IT support has become an integral part of any business structure. Pay careful attention to the signs that employees might be fed up with your “IT management”.

Evaluating IT Services Data Backup Solutions Types and Features

Cloud vs Tape backup? Which IT solutions fit for your Bay Area IT management depend on a number of factors. Find out more from Eaton & Assoc. IT support.

IT Management Urges Businesses Collecting Customer Data to Revisit Security Procedures

Planning IT solutions, implementing safeguards, and evaluating business data security for law firms and businesses in general more important than ever.