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Bay Area IT Security – Protecting Your Data with Role-Based Network Access

When you are running a business or organization, your network security is crucial. Role-based access control (RBAC) adds an extra layer of protection for sensitive information. Many wireless networks are not designed to automatically provide this feature. Thus, it is essential that you utilize a team skilled in IT service management to understand and evaluate your network security services.

How Role-based Network Access Control Can Help Protect Your Data

If your organization is implementing RBAC for its network, this means that a security policy is assigned when someone logs on to the network. The policy will vary depending on the status and login credentials of a particular user.

This practice protects your system in a variety of ways. First, access to information will be limited based on need. An executive-level user will likely be exposed to more data than an employee would. Second, entry to the database is limited to only the specified users of that system. However, if you need to, you can allow guests to log on to the system in a limited capacity. Third, the user groups are segmented, so only relevant users have access to the internal servers.

The Primary Steps to Creating a Role-based Access System

To create a role-based access system and ensure the security of your network, you can take these steps:

  1. By evaluating the various roles of the users in your system, you can then assign network access accordingly. Try not to make this task more complicated than it needs to be. You might choose to have three levels of users, such as employees, executives, and clients.
  2. Take an inventory of the various systems within your network that will require restricted access. These systems could include your customer database and your internal email system, for example.
  3. Conduct periodic audits to be sure that your RBAC system is working for your organization. As company roles and other circumstances change, you may need to adjust the roles within your network to reflect those changes.

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