Advantages of Managed IT Services Vs. Break-Fix Solutions

Plenty of IT service providers in San Francisco and beyond still employ the break-fix model. Break-fix IT firms wait to act until something goes wrong with the network, software, or hardware. This model is quickly going by the wayside. Nowadays, the best IT support providers are proactive. Instead of waiting for something to go wrong, these best in class IT businesses seek out problems and remedy them before there’s an issue. This proactive approach to IT is referred to as managed services.

The Merits of Managed Services

Managed services represent a major philosophical alteration in the manner in which organizations handle technology. Rather than waiting until it fails, managed IT services providers in San Francisco prevent such problems before they disrupt operations. Delaying or not having a systematic approach to installing patches, virus protection implementation, updates, and backups is something that needs constant focus. The failure to implement these improvements in a timely manner ultimately can cause a considerable decline in productivity and revenue.

Ongoing IT support will minimize your downtime, mitigates digital threats, and keeps a watchful eye on your network throughout the entirety of the day and night. You will sleep easy knowing your network is being monitored even when you are away from the office or drowning in work and unable to analyze network activity.

It is Time to Scrap the Break-Fix Model

Break-fix models certainly address problems, yet the damage is already done by the time the IT experts get around to troubleshooting what went wrong. Why bother dealing with problems after they arise when they can be addressed beforehand? The bottom line is your business needs a functional IT system that proves reliable across the entirety of the year. If you’re thinking about scraping the break-fix model for managed services, your team significantly reduces the chances of extensive downtime. Such downtime hampers productivity and makes for unhappy clients which can prove far more costly.

The Price of Managed Services vs. Break-fix

The majority of managed services are less costly than conventional break-fix services. Even if the “sticker price” of managed services is slightly more than break-fix services, the cost of downtime has to be calculated into the scenario. The key point is that price should not be a deal-breaker when choosing between the managed services and break-fix models- or IT service vendors for that matter. The money you spend on managed services will provide a much greater return on investment in the form of reduced downtime, accurate network monitoring, and a reliable IT infrastructure your employees and clients will truly appreciate.

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