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Eaton & Associates is dedicated to curating and collaborating with the best technology vendors that are proven and bring value to your organization.  Often, there’s no time to review the numerous technologies out there effectively but that’s where Eaton has you covered. As your trusted IT advisor, we’re highlighting a shortlist of vendors by hosting monthly webinars demonstrating their technologies and the business solutions they provide.

These webinars are open for new and existing customer and will be designated by either a general business audience interested in the topic or highly technical version for IT professionals.

These dates are tentative until there is an official registration link under the description.  Are you interested in this product or service before the webinar? A member of the Eaton team is ready to speak with you today.

January.                   Knowbe4 Cyber Security Training

January 16                   Knowbe4- End User Security Training “The Human Firewall”

Registration                Thursday, January 30th 2020

February                Ring Central VOIP

February 27                 Securing the Digital Future

Registration             Thursday, February 27th 2020

March                        IT Systems for Education: Tools & Systems for Schools

March 4                           Building a campus technology roadmap

April                         Celebrating Earth Day-all Month

April 22                      Behind the scenes of eWaste and Recycling

May                           Hewlett Packard Enterprise: Aruba, SimpliVity

May 14                         Building the Full HPE Infrastructure

June                          Palo Alto Networks: Next Generation Firewall

June 12                     Palo Alto Networks: Taking the Ultimate Security Test Drive

July                            Eaton Education Month: Back to school

July 9th                        Building your education technology stack: Network, Security, mobility

August                      Dark Trace

August 20th                Enterprise level IT security for large organizations

September              Agari Advanced Email Security

September 17             Advanced email security and best practices

Stay Tuned for Q4 2020 Webinars


Do you have a topic or technology you’d like us to cover?  Please let us know and if there’s enough interest we will put it on the calendar.

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