Are You Archiving Your Business Email? IT Consultants Say You Better Be! It’s the Law

Bay Area IT Consultant Advice for Businesses – Establish Email Archiving Policies

Email communication has made it easy for businesses to converse and keep relevant records regarding past dealings. However, it is important to note that despite the convenience it brings, a Bay Area IT consultant will advise that email archiving is mandated by a set of ever-evolving archiving regulations that you should make yourself aware of. Read more

Are Your Employees Fed Up with Your “IT Support”?

How Does Your IT Support, or Lack Thereof, Impact Your Workforce?

In our digital world, IT support has become an integral part of any business structure. Without harnessing the power of technology few businesses would be able to compete and attract and retain the most talented and gifted people they need to allow their business to grow. As you evaluate your IT solutions pay careful attention to these 5 signs that your employees might be fed up with your business’ “IT management”.

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Evaluating IT Services Data Backup Solutions Types and Features

Major IT Solutions for Business Data Backup

When it comes to the all-important decision of how to ensure data backup & protection, two main IT solutions are available for users to choose between: Tape storage and cloud storage. Both data storage options have their pros and cons, as well as additional considerations to inform the ultimate decision. With this in mind, you should be able to best match your data storage or backup preferences with your organization’s digital business needs or your personal preferences, respectively. Read more

IT Management Urges Businesses Collecting Customer Data to Revisit Security Procedures

Law Firms and Others Need IT Solutions for Data Security and Breach Procedures

Over the course of 2016, there have been several law firm data breaches ranging from deep intrusions to stolen or lost portable media devices like laptops. Do you have adequate IT solutions in place? According to crime prevention institutions like the FBI, it is no longer a matter of if, but rather when will your firm be targeted for data breach.  Read more