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For over two decades, Eaton & Associates has been at the forefront of the IT industry, specializing in bespoke solutions for law enforcement agencies. Our deep understanding of the sector’s unique challenges and requirements, coupled with our unwavering commitment to CJIS compliance, positions us as a trusted partner in this critical field.


Our journey has been marked by a dedicated focus on addressing the nuanced needs of law enforcement operations. By fostering close collaborations with agencies, we’ve ensured that our technology integrations seamlessly enhance their day-to-day functionalities. Our team, comprising experts with specialized training in law enforcement IT needs, excels in delivering solutions that prioritize efficiency, fortified security, and heightened collaboration. At Eaton & Associates, we don’t just offer IT services; we provide a partnership that understands and powerfully aligns with the dynamic demands of law enforcement technology

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IT Managed Services for Law Enforcement

Eaton & Associates offers a plethora of benefits, allowing law enforcement agencies to focus on their core competencies while maintaining CJIS Compliance

Here are six key advantages of partnering with us:


Eaton & Associates IT Services, as specialized providers of IT infrastructure and support, boast a team of highly skilled professionals proficient in addressing diverse IT challenges and offering timely technical assistance. 

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With daily exposure to sensitive and confidential information, law enforcement agencies rely on our IT Managed Services to fortify cybersecurity defenses, safeguarding against data breaches, cyberattacks, and unauthorized access. 

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We maintain a proactive approach in monitoring the IT infrastructure of law enforcement agencies, guaranteeing seamless and efficient system operations.

manage endpoints and apps at scale

Law enforcement agencies face fluctuating IT requirements. We offer scalable solutions, allowing agencies to easily adjust their IT resources. We adapt quickly to changing demands, ensuring agencies have the necessary IT resources at all times.

Cost Saving

Outsourcing IT services to us enables cost savings for law enforcement agencies through flexible pricing, eliminating the need for costly investments. We optimize IT systems, improving efficiency and reducing operational costs.

track and monitor user actions

Outsourcing IT management to Eaton & Associates frees up law enforcement agencies to focus on core functions. Eaton handles IT operations, relieving agency personnel from IT burdens.

24/7/365 Server & Network Operations Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring-only solution to help law enforcement agencies proactively identify and resolve issues before they become bigger problems

CJIS Compliant Managed IT Solutions

All-you-can-eat support model that includes service desk, NOC services, and cloud app management, as well as vCIO services, and vendor management

Cybersecurity Insurance Readiness Program

Work with us to complete or comply with cybersecurity insurance companies to get the best coverage for easily lower monthly premium costs with less hassle.

Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Testing

Get a vulnerability scan and penetration tests completed once every 3-month on an annual agreement with us, with continuous remediation and documentation

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Managed IT Services for Law Enforcement Agencies
Managed IT Services for Law Enforcement Agencies
Managed IT Services for Law Enforcement Agencies
Managed IT Services for Law Enforcement Agencies
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