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Cybersecurity Assesstment

Eaton & Associates is equipped to find vulnerabilities in your network security as well as build a complete understanding of your IT systems, as well as provide documentation and remediation plans

Network Security Assessment
We will assess your on-prem, private, or cloud hosted networks to ensure the security and the integrity of your connected workloads. This also includes assessing communication platforms, and physical IT Security
Webapp Security Assessment
Know exactly what's going on with your front-end applications, and whether they're susceptible to current and/or emerging cyber security threats including testing the integrity of your databases
Cloud Hosting Security Assessment
Eaton & Associates can help identify potential gaps in your cloud hosted infrastructure, and ensure that your data hosting vendors are fully compliant and secure so you can rest assured your business is secured
Internal Processes Assesments
Our trained engineers can help assess your identity management system(s), your administrative, physical, and technical safeguards. E&A can also help provide custom cybersecurity training programs for your team
Hardware Security Assesstment
E&A will examine the management of your workstations, laptops, servers and networking gear to ensure whether everything is up-to-date with security patches and hardware-level encryption are in place.
Vulnerabilities Assessments
Eaton & Associates can perform either a one-time or an ongoing internal and external vulnerability scans on your network to ensure the continuous integrity and security of your applications and data
We Provide a Comperhensive Cybersecrity Assesstment

Once our assessment is complete, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive security report and remediation plan to share with your team.

Detailed Remediation Plan

You can expect a detailed remediation plan with step-by-step project guide to ensure all findings are resolved

Flexible Scheduling

Our team can and will work around your schedule to ensure you receive your cybersecurity assessment in a timely fashion.

Get the Complete Picture

Our security assessment services will identify each of the internal and external cyber security threats facing your information assets.


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