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Drones have become a major security threat to organizations large and small.  While drones are widely used for innovation, they also pose major security threats exposing new vulnerabilities organizations never anticipated. Drones are being used to hack wireless internet networks, infiltrate data center ventilation systems, and to lift intellectual property from high profile companies.

To neutralize these threats, Eaton & Associates has developed one of the first complete Drone IT Security Solutions on the market.  Based on our robust Enterprise IT portfolio and partnerships with leading drone security vendors, we’re pleased to present Drone-IT® “Where Cyber & Physical Security Converge”.

Drone-IT: Where Cyber & Physical Security Converge

To date, there have been narrow solutions to handle potential drone security threats but there has never been a complete solution until now.  Eaton & Associates Drone-IT services incorporates three fundamental principles to completely secure your facilities and organization. Detect, Defend, Deploy! This comprehensive approach to drone security builds a complete and integrated shield for your organization that empowers your IT and security teams to be well ahead of industry standards. #DroneIT

The Drone IT Security Solution

  • Detect

    As a strategic partner with Dedrone, Eaton & Associates will deploy the DroneTracker Platform which detects and identifies unauthorized drones by combining multiple sensors, data correlation, and intelligent analytical technologies. DroneTracker Platform is the complete drone detection and counter-drone platform for all applications.

  • Defend

    Eaton & Associates will help launch your autonomous security team by implementing Aptonomy. Smart drones live on your property, and get to know it well. The Aptonomy drones autonomously protect vast areas while flying safely around obstacles present in the environment. In a live monitoring scenario, you can adjust a drone’s viewpoint and move it around safely in real-time — even from hundreds of miles away.

  • Deploy

    Implementing this complete Drone Security Solution should complement your current IT infrastructure and that’s where Eaton & Associates steps in and leverages our extensive Enterprise IT experience to design your systems to work seamlessly with the Drone-IT Solution.

San Francisco Bay Area Drone threat prevention

Drone threat security San Francisco Bay Area drone security

Aptonomy solutions, Aptonomy implementation

Dedrone solutions, Dedrone implementation

Drone-IT Threat Assessment Program

Organizations are quickly becoming aware of the serious threats drones pose but lack analytics and data before they invest in the right drone security solution. Eaton & Associates has you covered through our Drone Threat Assessment Program. A 30 day onsite drone detection analysis will give your organization critical information you need to take the necessary steps to secure your facilities, data, and intellectual property.

  • 30 Day onsite assessment & drone detection deployment

  • Comprehensive Drone Detection Report

  • Executive briefing & data analysis

  • Flat one-time fee


  • Private Sector Secure Facilities

  • Office buildings and parks

  • Campuses

  • Airports

  • Critical Infrastructure Facilities

  • Public Safety Organizations

  • Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Public venues- stadiums, theaters, convention centers

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