Advantages of Using Virtual CIO Services-vCIO


While CIO’s are critical for your business, many organizations consider working with a virtual CIO (vCIO) and a San Francisco IT consulting firm. Both types of tech consultants are commonly outsourced, offer broad assistance with IT and usually cost much less. This combination can lead to a streamlined operation with better productivity through more automation. Here are points to remember when adding a vCIO to your lineup:

Improving Budget Planning

Many MSPs (IT Managed Service Providers) offer vCIO services. And while there are many standalone vCIO firms, the roles of these positions overlap, as they are both related to computer and business consulting. It’s common for a vCIO to only work part-time or on an “as needed” basis for a company.

Running any kind of company usually calls for planning a budget so that your finances are predictable. It’s common for a business of any size to spend as much as 8 percent of revenue on technology, which may include San Francisco IT consulting.

An experienced IT expert can help you plan a clear technology roadmap, which is simply an easy-to-read game plan, that starts with taking inventory of the current technology infrastructure, identifies imminent and future technology needs, and provides decision criteria for purchasing hardware and software. The roadmap should include performance data, technical issues, and detailed information about equipment.

Controlling  IT Costs

One of the major benefits of working with a knowledgeable vCIO is that it can help cut business expenses. The vCIO will evaluate your current infrastructure and tell you what type of hardware or software you need to make your company more financially efficient and improve productivity. One of the ways a vCIO can cut costs enormously is to implement a cloud-based system so that you no longer have to spend a fortune on desktop computers.

Protecting Customer Data from Hackers

Backup and disaster recovery plans have become crucial in today’s hacker-infested cyberworld. The more cybersecurity layers a vCIO adds to your network, the better you will be able to sleep at night. If you don’t surround yourself with tech experts who keep up-to-date with the latest software security patches and counter-cybercrime strategies, your company may be vulnerable to an attack. Protecting your business from data loss should be a top priority because cyber-attacks can lead to downtime and lawsuits.


Ultimately, the goal of a vCIO is to improve your bottom line, security and create a more efficient operation. Since every business is different you should focus on technology improvement strategies that work specifically for your company.

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